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Conscious Living Brand

7 Chakra Energy Orgonite Pendant

7 Chakra Energy Orgonite Pendant

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Designed to be the perfect energy tool to help clear, balance, and energize your main energy centers one by one. Our newest chakra orgone necklace helps to re-establish balance and harmony with your body, mind, and soul.

Some of the benefits of Orgone energy:

✔️Strengthen intentions and visualizations

✔️Deepen meditation

✔️Protection against EMF (5G, WiFi, Cell towers etc)

✔️Remove negative energy in a specific place

✔️Spiritual and psychological growth



✨ Real Gemstones - The specific combination of energies is enhanced in this Orgone Chakra Necklace by the use of the colors associated with each of the seven main chakras - AmethystSodaliteBlue KyaniteGreen QuartzCitrineCarnelian, and Red Jasper.

✨  iron powder, quartz powder, and aluminum..

✨ Vegan-friendly cord (Hypoallergenic) is approximately 19in long and adjustable

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